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News: PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB)

PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB)

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OFFICIAL MEMORY CARD FOR PS2®; STORES UP TO 8 MB OF DATA & FEATURES MAGICGATETM ENCRYPTION; EXTRA CAPACITY & FASTER DATA TRANSMISSION IS PERFECT FOR THE DATA-INTENSIVE GAMES OF PS2®; FOR USE ONLY WITH PS2® FORMAT SOFTWAREBuilding a better system from the ground up sometimes involves digging into even the most mundane components. Take memory cards, for instance. To provide larger storage capacity and faster access rates–PlayStation2 cards transfer data 200 times faster than cards for the original PlayStationPlayStation2 developers have upgraded the technology for the new memory card. The 8 MB Memory Card uses Flash Memory, the storage technology that’s revolutionizing handheld computers, digital digitalcameras, and MP3 players. In contrast

PlayStation 2 Memory Card (8MB)

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