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News: Monster Standard THX-Certified Subwoofer Interconnect Cable (16 Ft)

Monster Standard THX-Certified Subwoofer Interconnect Cable (16 Ft)

  • Separate protective shield for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI.
  • 24k gold contacts for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
  • Dual-balanced conductors for more lifelike sonic reproduction.
  • Meets minimum THX® certification standards for proper system performance, reliability and ease of installation.
  • Easy to identify color-coded bands for simple, error-free hookup.

Home Theatre Picture and Sound Keeps Getting Better DVD and Satellite Recievers use high preformance connections like S-Video, Component Video, and Dolby Digital Surround Audio. Using high quality connections is more important than ever, to get the most out of these technologies. That’s why THX, the industry leader in sound quality certification for movie theatres (you’ve probably seen the famous THX logo in movie theatres and on DVDs), collaborated together with Monster Cable, to create connection standards sepcifically for homecinema theatre. Today’s Home Theatre Components Need Higher Quality Connections The cables that come in the box dedn’t meet Monster THX standards. Some of the connections you need dedn’t even come in the box, includ

Monster Standard THX-Certified Subwoofer Interconnect Cable (16 Ft)

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