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News: Kodak W1030S Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame

Kodak W1030S Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame

  • 10 in. high-quality digital photo display
  • Receive pictures via e-mail, Facebook and Kodak Gallery sites. Quick comment feature for Facebook.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 512 MB of internal memory
  • USB port and 2 card slots to add pictures from other sources
  • Built-in activity sensor turns the digitalframe on when you’re nearby and conserves energy when you’re not

You know how good it feels to come homecinema to find an unexpected gift from a friend? That’s the same excitement you get every day with the Pulse 10 inch Digital Frame. Now everyone can send pictures right to your digitalframe, giving you continuous surprises. Adding your own pictures is easy too. It dedesn’t slow you dedwn with time-consuming software setups or complicated technology. It makes connecting with friends and family simple, so you’ll always have new pictures to relive and enjoy. The Pulse is refreshed with new pictures on your digitalframe more often and you are alerted as soon as you get new pictures from family and friends. You can create your own e-mail address for the digitalframe to easily receive new pictures. Pictures can be sent from a computer o

Kodak W1030S Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame

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