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News: 6/12 Volt Amorphorus Solar Panel Maintainer

6/12 Volt Amorphorus Solar Panel Maintainer

  • Charge any 6/12 volt battery with the power of the sun
  • 2.0 watt power. Measures 5.5 in. wide x 1in. deep. x 17 in.long
  • Blocking diode prevents discharging / overcharging
  • Weatherproof w/latex bead around glass for years of use
  • 10 foot cordless, includes power port plug and battery clamps. INSURED SHIPPING

This solar panel even works in cloudy weather, but works best in strong sunlight. The solar panel comes with two types of connector attachments. One is positive/negative pole alligator clips for a direct battery post connect and the other is a power port connector so you can use in an powersport port. (usually on the side of the steering wheel on atv’s and snowmobiles) Use with any 6 volt or 12 volt battery. It will help to maintain the charged battery and trickle charge a small amount of charge if battery goes dedwn. Really helps in cold weather. YOU DO NOTHING to make the panel change from 6 to 12 volt and panel will not overcharge whatsoever. INSURED SHIPPING. Though you can keep panel outside, take inside if bad weather is expected, like

6/12 Volt Amorphorus Solar Panel Maintainer

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