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Kamis, 15 September 2011 | 08.21 | 0 Comments

Investors are finally starting to read about this in the news...

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15 September, 2011
Investors are finally starting to read about this potential energy super-trend in the news…

Dear Golden Jann,

If you haven’t already heard about this on the news, I think you soon will…

Because even as I write this, plans are underway to tap an immense new fuel source that could soon prove crucial to the West.

This new reserve of power is estimated to be so big that in America alone it could hold the equivalent of 578 trillion barrels of oil…

Meaning if it can be tapped and used successfully, it could spark an energy revolution not seen since the Saudi’s first struck oil back in 1938.

I first heard about this new fuel source from my colleague Tom Bulford.

Tom has been following this remarkable story for months… and he believes it could be just about to break.

You see, right now he’s sitting on two companies that could be about to tap this huge new reserve of power – for the first time in energy history.

Tom thinks this could be THE profit story of 2012…

And he’s put all the details into an exclusive presentation that you can watch right here.

I urge you to put aside some time today to watch Tom's presentation… I don’t think you’ll regret it!

To find out how you could potentially profit from this, simply click here.

Good Investing,

Toby Bray
Publisher, MoneyWeek

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