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Selasa, 13 September 2011 | 12.22 | 0 Comments

The Energy Report: Porter Stansberry and Hinds Howard-Opportunities in LNG and MLP Markets

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September 13th, 2011 twitterRSS

Streetwise Exclusives

Porter Stansberry: U.S. Shifts to Gas Export Role
Karen Roche of The Energy Report - With America "the Saudi Arabia of natural gas," as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research Founder Porter Stansberry puts it, U.S. energy independence is no longer a pipe dream. In this Energy Report exclusive, he explains why exploiting new technologies presents the "greatest opportunity the energy complex has over the next several decades." (9/13/11)

Hinds Howard

Hinds Howard: The MLP Market Is
Wide Open

Zig Lambo of The Energy Report - MLPs may be the best-kept secret on Wall Street. Representing the midstream segment of the energy supply chain, Master Limited Partnerships offer stable returns through U.S. energy infrastructure investment. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Fund Manager Hinds Howard explains the peculiarities of this growing niche market and shares some quality stocks at fire-sale prices. (9/13/11)

Read more Streetwise Exclusives, including Edward Sterk's recent interview, Uranium Companies Poised for a Comeback.

Experts Speak Out

A Warning for Poland's Shale Gas Developers
Kent Moors, Money Morning - "Authorities must weigh potential economic benefits and problems, but the U.S. hasn't figured out all the answers to these questions either." (9/13/11)


Lithium Industry Q411 Outlook
Dave Brown, Lithium Investing News - "Lithium remains the far superior choice for energy and power storage needs and is likely to see continued strong demand over the next decade." (9/12/11)

MLP Makers: Where Do MLPs Come From?
Hinds Howard, MLP HINDSight - "In MLP land, it's a mix. Some grow in the traditional slow-and-steady way, while others are created with the help of growth capital or private equity firms." (9/12/11)

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News: Energy & Uranium

Europe's Energy Mix
Solar Novus Today, Anne Fischer - "Although photovoltaic power installation doubled from 2008 to 2010, coal, gas and oil account for 61% of Europe's electricity generation." (9/13/11)

Oil Prices Caught Between Two Trends
Bloomberg, Chris Kahn - "Europe faces debt problems that could slow its economy, while developing nations are on track to boost oil demand to a record." (9/13/11)

Saskatchewan, Potash to Lead Canada's Growth
CTV Regina - "RBC Economics upgraded its growth forecast for the province to 4.3% from 3.8%, a revision based largely on increased potash demand." (9/13/11)

Geothermal Gets Boost in U.S.
Renewable Energy World - "The DOE announced $38M will go to advance geothermal technology and reduce cost." (9/13/11)

U.S. Behind on Offshore Drilling Plan
Houston Chronicle, Jennifer Dlouhy - "The five-year outer continental shelf plan is 'the bible' for planning offshore investments." (9/13/11)

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Press Releases

Passport Potash Inc. (PPI:TSX.V; PPRTF:OTCQX)
Commences Drilling on East Side of Holbrook Basin (9/13/11) View Entire Article

Bannerman Resources Ltd. (BAN:TSX; BMN:ASX)
Update on Hanlong Acquisition Proposal (9/13/11) View Entire Article

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. (TPL:TSX; TPL:LSE)
To Present at the FirstEnergy/Société Générale Global Energy Conference (9/13/11) View Entire Article

Passport Potash Inc. (PPI:TSX.V; PPRTF:OTCQX)
Reports Disclosure Verification (9/12/11) View Entire Article

U.S. Energy Corp. (USEG:NYSE)
Announces Increase in Borrowing Base (9/12/11) View Entire Article

Uranium Energy Corp (UEC:NYSE.A)
Completes Merger to Acquire the Anderson Property in Arizona (9/12/11) View Entire Article

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDS.A:NYSE; RDS.B:NYSE)
Confirms Deepwater Oil Discovery at Offshore French Guiana (9/9/11) View Entire Article

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDS.A:NYSE; RDS.B:NYSE)
Delivers New Growth (9/9/11) View Entire Article

U.S. Energy Corp. (USEG:NYSE)
To Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Global Investment Conference (9/9/11) View Entire Article

Allana Potash Corp. (AAA:TSX; ALLRF:OTCQX)
Commences Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) (9/8/11) View Entire Article

Uranium Energy Corp (UEC:NYSE.A)
Completes Acquisition of Major South Texas Uranium Exploration Database (9/8/11) View Entire Article

Athabasca Uranium Inc. (UAX:TSX.V; ATURF:OTCQX)
Provides Keefe Lake Exploration Update (9/7/11) View Entire Article

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